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Journey Claimer: Finding Traction with Richard Liu of DSPTCH


"There are many sources I rely on for inspiration, but the biggest is experiencing firsthand how people are working and thriving in urban landscapes around the world. Being based in San Francisco, you’d have a hard time walking a few blocks without seeing new ways people are working, commuting, and living," says Richard Liu (@DSPTCH), founder of a design and manufacturing company based in San Francisco, California. While still working a full time job, he used his free time to work on photography, graphic design and web design. This allowed him to gain experience by helping out some friends that were already involved in the fashion industry. He developed a relationship with Andrew and Johan from 3sixteen and through working for them, he built the foundations of how to grow and run an independent brand.

Day to Day, Richard spends his days running his manufacturing and design company called DSPTCH, anything from researching new fabrics to checking in with stockists. “I try to also spend at least a few hours each week gathering inspiration by reading books and magazines, going to exhibits, anything away from the keyboard.”

Here’s how Richard Liu of DSPTCH opened his life up to some incredible opportunities:

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